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Quick Facts For Nannies

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  • The following states have a domestic workers bill of rights that must be followed Oregon, California, Connecticut, Illinois, New York, Massachusetts, Hawaii, and Nevada. A federal domestic workers bill of rights has been introduced. 

  • Nannies are household employees who receive a W2. Nannies DO NOT get 1099s. 

  • Nannies are entitled to overtime at time and a half for any hours over 40 hours. 

  • Nannies must be paid minimum wage or more in the state they live. This mean that in a nanny share each family must legally pay over minimum wage or more.

  • Nannies hours may not be "banked" in a period of more than one work week. This means for example that a nanny can not be given time off on a Monday but make up those hours the following Monday or any day past that week.

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