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10 Weird Things Newborns Do, That Might Be Alarming

1. Excessive Sneezing

-New little noses that are experiencing a whole new world tend to sneeze a lot as a result and that is totally normal.

2.Blue Hands and Feet

-It’s normal for newborns and babies to occasionally have blue hands and feet, as long as the rest of the babies body is pink there is nothing to worry about, it is just an immaturity in the circulatory system and they will grow out of it.

3.Sometimes They Have Boobs

-Both boy and girl newborns may appear to have boobs. All the hormones that run through a pregnant women’s body, they’re absorbed by the baby and some times result in the appearance of boobs. These will go away with in a couple of months of age.

4.Periodic Breathing

-When breathing stops for up to 10 seconds. Followed by a series of rapid shallow breaths. Periodic breathing is harmless and your baby will grow out of it as they get older.

(This is different than apnea when a baby stops breathing for 20 seconds or more, apnea should be evaluated by a doctor.)

5.Moro Reflex

-Suddenly spreading out the arms, pulling them back in and crying. Researchers believe that its meant to alert a baby to its loss of balance and it will go away by 6 months old.

6.Weird Colored Poop

-Black, mustard yellow, green, and brown are all normal colors for newborn poop.

7.Baby Periods

-Sometimes baby girls will have a mini period in their first week. Resulting in blood in their diapers. Once again all those hormones absorbed during pregnancy are to blame and there is no reason to worry.

8.Cry For No Reason

-Sometimes babies cry for no reason, since they don’t know how to talk crying is a way for them to communicate with you and those around them if you've tried everything just try to stay calm and use some soothing methods. If the crying is stressing you out and you need a break it is okay to put your baby in a safe space take a few breaths and start over again.

9.They Make Strange Noises

-Babies make strange noises, grunts, cooing, squeaking etc. you might wonder if that noise was the baby!

10.Sometimes They Sleep With Their Eyes Open

-This is just something that newborns do, and it is totally normal.

Photo by Tim Bish on Unsplash

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